Choosing Replacement Windows

May 29, 2018

by Spectrum Remodeling

Drafty windows and doors are no joke in any home. However, choosing the right replacement windows can be a daunting thought. With so many different window manufacturers, designs and types available, it's hard to know where to start. Here are some important things to know when choosing replacement windows for your home, office or cottage.

Know Your Window Parts!

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Wood, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Composite, Hybrid wood/vinyl construction are the most common types of window frames to choose from.


The frame that holds the glass together that fits into the framed window opening. Some sashes move up and down to open the window, while others are completely stationary.


The wood frame around the windows. Can be aluminum or vinyl coated on the exterior to reduce maintenance and wood rot.  

The company you hire to install your windows is as important as the windows you install.

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U-Factor is the insulating factor of a window. Solar heat gain measures how much heat transfers through a window. The lower the number the higher the efficiency and performance of the window. Energy Star rated windows can save you up to 15% off of your energy bills. However, recouping the total cost of window upgrades can take years.

Coatings & Insulation

Low E coatings can improve efficiency but triple coated windows may be necessary, but only if you live in harsher climates. Triple pane glass can reduce visibility and light transmittance due to it's thickness and multiple layers of glass. Check to see if triple pane glass is necessary where you live before committing to this type of window.


Window tinting can block UV rays from fading carpets and furniture, reduce heat gain and improve window insulation factors.


Flashing, Caulking and waterproofing are the biggest concern when having new windows installed. Water, mould and mildew damage due to poorly sealed windows can cost a fortune over time in energy costs.


Not only can new windows create a quiet, draught free environment, but require much less maintenance and are a breeze to clean. It is always important to check manufacturer instructions for recommended products and methods for cleaning and maintaining your new windows. So when it comes to choosing your new replacement windows, contact Spectrum Remodeling of Southeast Michigan. Our team of experts will guide you through the process of choosing the right design and windows for your home through the installation.

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