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Spectrum Remodeling, a leading home improvement contractor in Southeast Michigan, introduces innovative exterior solutions. Featuring Variform™ siding from PlyGem, renowned for durability and style, and Ply Gem™ Stone, offering unique textures and authentic details, these products redefine home exteriors. Engineered to withstand Michigan’s weather, including insulated vinyl options, these solutions promise enduring beauty and character, ensuring homes stand out year after year.

Give your house an instant makeover

Opting to replace your home’s siding is the most impactful method to refresh its exterior. Select a warranted, durable product offering myriad style options, with a proficient design and installation team to ensure a seamless process. With styles and profiles tailored to any residential siding project, enhance your home’s aesthetics and elevate its value.

Our Leaf Relief has proven effective year after year.

Homeowners choose Leaf Relief® for one simple reason — it works. In fact, Leaf Relief has protected over 100 million feet of gutter over the last decade. The patented design keeps debris out of gutters while allowing water to drain freely. All it takes is a normal breeze to lift debris away. 

The PLY GEM Leaf Relief Continuous Hanging System strengthens gutters from front to back and end to end, preventing sagging, warping, or pulling. Its patented Aluma-Perf™ Technology ensures superior leaf filter protection, keeping gutters clear from debris. With guaranteed no-clog, no-overflow performance, it offers reliable gutter protection.

Royal Celect® Siding

Replacing your home’s siding is the most effective way to refresh its exterior. Choose a guaranteed, durable product with a variety of styling options, and trust a qualified design and installation team for a seamless process. With Celect, say farewell to mould, deterioration and time-consuming maintenance. Enjoy virtually maintenance-free aesthetics that last for years, without the need to paint, caulk or worry about delamination.

PlyGem Siding: The Top Choice for Professionals and Homeowners

PlyGem’s siding stands out for its remarkable durability, extensive color range, and top-tier warranty, making it the preferred option for both professionals and homeowners. As an Authorized PlyGem Dealer, we provide our customers with a vast selection of materials and design choices to meet their specific needs.

Design options

Our top-notch aluminum gutters offer reliable, long-lasting performance without rusting. Crafted from extra thick material, they withstand everyday wear and tear without denting and are available in numerous colors to match your home’s exterior. Reduce seasonal maintenance and safeguard your home from moisture with our gutter guard systems. From enhanced leaf protection to directing water to downspouts and adding guards to existing gutters, Spectrum Remodeling has the perfect solution for your home.

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