3 Seasons Sunroom - Model 300

Enhance Your Home with a Sunspace 3 Season Sunroom

A Sunspace 3 Season Sunroom adds luminance and elegance to any residence. Utilizing Sunspace’s 2″ extruded insulated aluminum pillars and single glazed glass, the sunroom gains durability, stability, and a low-maintenance exterior. The aluminum-framed, double roller windows offer dual-sided ventilation, ensuring versatile airflow control without compromising aesthetics.

Various roof systems cater to different preferences and needs, from cathedral ceilings to contemporary studio pitch roofs, accommodating diverse spaces such as existing decks, porches, or carport conversions. With Sunspace’s 3 Season Sunroom, homeowners enjoy a bright, inviting space that seamlessly integrates with their home’s architecture, offering durability, functionality, and customizable features to suit their lifestyle.

Therma Deck ( As an option)

Therma-Deck presents a pre-manufactured floor deck solution that combines durability with insulation. Available in three thickness options: 4-1/2″ thick R17, 6-1/2″ thick R26, and 8-1/4″ thick R35. These panels feature Engineered Oriented Strand Board sheets surrounding the insulating core, resulting in a solid product that eliminates the need for costly foundation work and installation labor.

With a finished surface, Therma-Deck is ready for various flooring options such as carpet, tile, laminates, or hardwood. Its inherent strength also makes it suitable for roofing, allowing for shingles on the exterior and various interior ceiling finishes. Contact your dealer for more information on Therma-Deck products and their applications.


  • Options include 3″, 4″, or 6″ thicknesses
  • Customization factors include roof projection, snow load, & R-Value
  • Systems feature high-density foam core construction
  • Aluminum skins laminated on both sides
  • Includes heavy-duty extruded aluminum gutters and fascia for worry-free installation

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